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Hours Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Evening hours available upon request

Payment Options
Full payment is required as services are rendered.
Cash or checks are accepted.

AVIAN & EXOTICS Services to birds include but not limited to: wing, nail and beak trim, blood work, internal medicine, behavioral consultations and minor emergencies. Exotics such as ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, and other small pocket pets will also benefit from the services available to dogs and cats.

CONSULTATIONS Second Opinions, Behavioral, Nutritional, Pet Hospice and Euthanasia consultations are available upon request.

DERMATOLOGY Anything that causes your pet to itch and scratch severely can be due to several factors, from flea allergies, hot spots, to the more complicated enviromental allergens.

GERIATRIC MEDICINE With better pet diets and better educated pet owners our pet population is living longer than that of a decade ago and, thus, requires geriatric care. Physical exams every 6 months are crucial to pets older than 7 years of age for early detection and prevention of serious diseases such as diabetes, cataracts, arthritis, hip problems, mental dysfunction and heart failure. Maintaining a good doctor-patient relationship will help you as a pet owner enjoy the longer, better quality life of your pet's golden years.

IN-HOSPITAL SERVICES Oncology, opthomology, orthopedic surgery, and soft tissue surgeries available upon referral.

INTERNAL MEDICINE Many diseases that share similar symptoms are difficult to tell apart from one another unless we do a diagnostic work-up. A detailed medical history of your pet and the physical exam are important and will lead to the next level in the diagnostic work-up (i.e., lab work, radiographs, hospitalization, etc).

HOUSECALLS TO ASSISTED LIVING FACILITIES OR NURSING HOMES This is a service for those in Assisted Living Facilities or Nursing homes where pets are allowed. The services are the same as with a regular housecall with the difference that it may be arranged through a relative or the administration of the Assisted Living Facility.
LABORATORY SERVICES Home Vet uses local and
out-of-state laboratory services. Most often the
results are returned the same day or the next day,
depending upon the type of test requested.

MAJOR EMERGENCIES The following require immediate Major Emergency Care (SEE EMERGENCY CARE MENU): hit by car, severe bite wounds, seizures, poisonous snake bites, difficulties breathing, head trauma, heat stroke, difficult parturition requiring C-section, and bone fractures.

MINOR EMERGENCIES Examples of injuries like: dog bites, insect bites, minor skin burns, open wounds, paw injuries or assisting in the delivery of puppies or kittens require immediate assistance. Call Dr. Lucena on her cell phone during day hours, after ours please call the Emergency Centers mentioned unless prior arrangements have been made with Dr. Lucena.

PEDIATRIC MEDICINE The first 5 months of a pet's life are crucial for establishing good preventive care, i.e., vaccinations, deworming, proper diet, behavior modification, socialization, etc. Dr. Lucena will guide you during the first year of your pet's life with sound advice so that you will know how to take care of your new puppy or kitten.

PREVENTIVE MEDICINE Annual Physical Exams, new puppy/kitten exams, Health Certificates, vaccinations, blood work, special laboratory tests, nail trims are some of the examples of the preventive medicine offered. If your pet has a special need or you have a question about any other service please give us a call or email us.

PET HOSPICE SERVICES Pain management and medication administration are services provided for the comfort of your pet. When the time is near and you want your pet to be comfortable at home give us a call. Euthanasias performed at home are less stressful to the patient and owner. It is a convenience to you because you do not have to make the drive back and forth under emotional circumstances. Your pet is under less stress because it is in a safe, quiet and peaceful home environment.

CREMATION Cremation services can be arranged and available with pickup directly at your home.

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